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For those who don’t know, 1% of the total population of the world actually identify themselves as Asexuals or simply Aces. If you are an Ace yourself, you might already know exactly how difficult it is to live in this world when you are asexual, a world where sexual feelings are regarded as universal.

Many people have long misconstrued asexuality as a disease, a mental disorder, a traumatic experience, or even a temporary choice. All these misconceptions can easily make you feel odd, leaving you with no choice but to hold your guard.

But here is the thing: nothing is abnormal on unusual if you don’t feel any sexual interest or attraction at all. The truth is that many people in the world are just like those who also want to explore and experience romanticism with no traces of sexual intimacy at all.

What is an Asexual?

If you consider yourself asexual, you might want to try signing up to a dating website especially made for asexuals so you can be sure that people will understand your needs and cater to them accordingly.

Asexual is defined as a person who doesn’t have any interest in or doesn’t desire sexual activity, whether it is outside or within a relationship. There is this common misconception that an asexual person is not interested in becoming intimate or being part of any romantic relationship. However, the truth is that they simply show love and affection in different ways where sex is not involved at all.

As stated earlier, approximately 1% of the world’s population identify as asexual and while these people are not searching for a sexual partner, it doesn’t mean that their future doesn’t include love at all. This is the very reason why AsexualDatingWebsites.com has decided to compile a list of the top dating platforms where asexual women and men can form new friendships or platonic relationships.

Find Companionship and Romance Without Physical Intimacy at the Top Asexual Dating Sites!

There are lots of different and exciting ways to experience both intimacy and attraction, and asexuality turns out to be just one of the many of them. Some people have this misunderstanding about asexuality or refuse to date someone who identifies himself or herself as asexual. It is exactly the reason why asexual dating sites must exist.

All singles who share the same sexual drives, interests, and values can experience more fulfilling and satisfying relationships with each other, and the best thing is that there is no need for sexual desire to play even the smallest role in all of these.

Long gone are the days when dating is just about looking for someone who can have sex with. Love can also be something as simple as finding a friendly person who can offer you the company you need and enjoy.

Feel free to choose from our curated list of asexual dating sites and start finding and meeting affectionate friends who are more than open to the idea of platonic relationships.