Asexual Dating Reddit: A Community to Ask Advice and Support

asexual dating reddit

It is never that easy and simple to go on online dates, especially if you happen to be asexual.

Asexual singles always have a hard time finding their perfect romantic match that doesn’t necessarily involve sex. Good thing that Reddit asexual dating community is now here to serve as a helpful community where you can seek support and ask for advice.

Online Dating is Never Easy for Asexuals

By and large, first dates tend to be the ultimate cringe-fests you will ever experience. You decide to meet up with the person only to find out that they don’t even resemble their profile picture. What is even worse is that their personality is so much different from what they were like during those online conversations.

However, people who label themselves as asexuals, or are part of the broad asexual umbrella, have it harder. For asexuals, online dating is not only more exhausting because there are times when it can also be downright hopeless.

Rather than friendly and fun talks about similar interests, most first dates usually involve raising some rather intrusive questions about the other person’s histories and orientations, particularly from people who don’t really believe that they have real identities.

Today, society continues to have a very poor understanding of what asexuality is all about. They don’t seem to know that this is actually composed of an extensive spectrum of different orientations.

There are asexual people who maybe be averse to sex or don’t feel any sexual attraction to others. There are also some who might not feel sexual attraction but still happily engage in sex with their partners.

Some other aces, which is the umbrella term used to refer to people who are part of the asexual spectrum, identify as demisexual or gray asexual, which means that there are times when they feel sexual attraction the moment they form an emotional connection with the other person.

Some may only be after romance instead of sex, while others are part of the aromantic spectrum, which means that they may never or sometimes feel romantic attraction. If you are among those people who are romantically attracted to others, this is where Reddit asexual dating community comes in.

Find Acceptance and Understanding at Reddit asexual Dating Community

The workable online substitutes for all those aces who are looking for their preferred connection and partnership levels are still few and far between. Many paid services and free apps still lack the specific mechanisms that give users the chance to label themselves as ace or filter for aromantic or asexual matches.

This is where Reddit asexual dating community hopes to change things for the better. This continuously growing Reddit community allows its members to indicate their specific orientation in their personal bio. They can even message other members and discuss the topic with no worries and inhibitions of being judged or frowned upon.

Yes, dating itself is already hard but it gets even harder if you are asexual. Reddit asexual dating community is the best place for all asexuals to come together to find a date, seek support, ask for advice, or simply vent out.

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