asexualcupid is the very first professional dating site that caters to asexuals. Founded in 2015, the platform already acquired more than 100,000 active members, with approximately 5,000 verified online members. This is the only platonic website with a romantic orientation that includes but is not limited to aromantic, biromantic, demiromantic, gray-romantic heteroromantic, homoromantic, panromantic, and polyromantic.

Features of

The standard members of can use and take advantage of the following features on the site:

  • Use the mobile website
  • Upload a maximum of 26 photos
  • Leave comments on photos, forums, blogs, and profiles
  • Use advanced tools to edit forum and blog messages
  • Send winks for free
  • Read the first date ideas from other members
  • Post and answer questions of friends or matches
  • Share your own ideas for first date and read those of other members
  • Send replies to online chat or emails
  • Take advantage of Username or Quick search feature
  • Upload and keep a private album
  • Verify income, photos, and others

Price of

The following are the monthly memberships you can choose from if you want to upgrade your membership at

  • $29.95 a month – 1-month membership
  • $19.98 a month – 3-month membership
  • $15.99 a month – 6-month membership

Pros of

  • Use your mobile devices to access the website.
  • Talk to the customer service team via phone or email.
  • Take advantage of different ways of searching.
  • Go to the forum to share your interests.
  • Keep your privacy protected with the privacy settings.
  • Use the different unique features of the site.
  • Photos of members undergo verification.

Cons of

  • Many of the site members come from developed countries, and only a few are from the underdeveloped nations.
  • You should upgrade to a premium membership to enjoy the full privileges of the site.

Editor’s Summary for is considered as one of the most professional asexual dating sites that you can find in the online dating world right now. Unlike other similar sites, the platform has numerous unique features that will help you find and meet potential dates or partners. The professional layout, simple navigation, and premium services make it easy to see why this is ranked by the editors as one of the top asexual dating sites today.

What makes people happy is what is all about is. The members might not feel any sexual attraction toward other people, but it doesn’t mean that they no longer have any ability to make and forming meaningful connections. Just so you know, asexuality has several sub-identities, most of which include people who continue to feel romantic attraction to others.

The moment you enter the site, there is no need for you to browse through profiles of those who are probably more interested in hooking up. Instead, you can start talking to someone whose company you find enjoyable.

Among the main reasons why people often misunderstand asexuality is because similar to other sexual identities, this encompasses a broad range of interests and behaviors. There are some asexual people who also have sexual engagements just to experience how it is like or mainly because they feel like it will give them pleasure. And then there are also those who don’t even engage in any form of sexual acts and such preferences often last for life.

Asexual people might also have very little in romance or they might only develop a romantic interest after they form a close and tight bond with the other person. An aromatic asexual doesn’t have romantic interests, while a biromantic asexual might have romantic feelings, not sexual, for men and women alike.

With, you can look forward that the site will cater to all kinds of asexuals as well as many other types that exist out there. The platform also includes definitions to help those who wish to learn more about the different types of people whom they will be able to meet on this website. These types include panromantic, polyromantic, and heteroromantic asexuals.

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